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Paul Fetler 

 Yoga & Meditation Instructor  

Welcome! There is no greater fulfillment in the work I do than helping people to experience joy in their mind, body, and soul. The powerful and practical ancient techniques and teachings of yoga, which include meditation, yoga philosophy, and postures, have transformed my life from the inside-out. I am honored to guide others to do the same.

My individualized approach releases trapped tension (physical, mental, emotional) to allow the natural capacity of the heart to expand. You are never too old to tap into a childlike sense of exploration to awaken your radiant beauty within. I respect each individual's needs and it is my joy to bring each unique soul to their original vibrant selves. 


Yoga & Meditation Instructor - Storyteller

I am currently teaching Yoga and Meditation online through Zoom. From your office to your home or a hotel room, there’s always an opportunity to establish mind, body, and soul harmony. I offer both intimate Zoom class groups and facilitate private one to one instruction.

If you are in the Southern California area, please check back as I will be scheduling workshops which combine spiritually focuses postures, guided meditation, breathwork, visualization, and mythic storytelling. See below to find out more about my services.