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Meditation Instruction

Meditation is a powerful way to expand your awareness of peace, increase mental clarity, reduce stress level, and decrease anxiety. The ancient practice I offer will also allow you to tap into your intuition, deepest aspirations, and live joyfully from the center of your being. With regular practice, it's benefits are life changing and profound. 

Sometimes starting is the hardest part, but I am here to guide you on your inner journey of self-discovery. No prior meditation experience is required!

I will guide you to find healthy meditation posture alignment to maximize your ability to relax. Other key aspects include the effect use of breath, energy awareness, and visualization.

Yoga Instruction

My approach to hatha yoga is meditative. The practice guides you to experience your spiritual essence while allowing your body and mind to relax, increase energy, reduce stress. I often use spiritual affirmations to awaken one to their higher selves. All ages and body types are welcome. Take a minute to look at my offerings.

I offer different levels of physical and mental challenge (gentle to vigorous) depending on the individual's needs. With care and respect, my emphasis is safe alignment, inner exploration, physical exhilaration/relaxation, and spiritual upliftment.

Yoga & Meditation Workshops

My in-person workshops combine practical wisdom, storytelling, spiritually focused asana, and meditation. Please check back for upcoming dates and locations. 

About Paul

I was initially drawn to practice yoga postures meditation for relief from physical and emotional stress due to a high pressure career. I found the asanas combined with breathwork transcended all other types of exercise I had previously explored. I felt increased energy, unexpected peace, and ability to sleep better at night.


In 2004 I received 200 Hours teacher confirmation at Golden Bridge Yoga headed by Gurmukh Kaur Kalsa. In 2005 I completed 200 Hours teaching certification with the Ananda Yoga Teacher Training Program headed by Gyandev McCord and Brook Cassady. Continuing further Ananda Meditation training, I found a spiritual home in the teachings of the master Paramhansa Yogananda. 

After completion of the trainings, I began teaching Yoga and Meditation right away at Ananda centers in Southern California. I have been blessed to share the light of yoga with a large range of backgrounds, age, and skill levels.

Whether meditation or yoga postures, my individualized approach is to help you release tension, awaken the natural love of the heart, tap into a childlike sense of exploration to experience your radiant beauty and joy within. 

My Approach
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